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Short Films

For the love of bite sized movies

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Name:Short Films
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Community description:a community for fans of short films
Long story short: A community for people who love short films. Share short films you find online, discuss short films, promote your own short film. So long as it is short film related it is welcome here.

Community Guidelines

= For the purpose of this community, a Short Film is a film that is 45 minutes or under in length.

= Only the admin can create tags at the moment, so if there isnt a tag that you need available, then please tag your entry with "~tag needed: name of tag" and I will get right onto making it.

= If giving feedback on a film please try to be constructive. No flaming or trolling thanks.

Adult Content Settings

= The Adult Content setting for this community is set at "should be viewed with discretion" by default which means that people under 18 are able to join and enjoy this community while visitors (non members) will receive a warning that content should be viewed with discretion.

= Adult Content may be posted, but please refrain from posting porn related items.

= If you are posting something with Adult Content or concepts please consider changing the Age Restriction filter when you post to "Age 18 or Over". If you post to dreamwidth using a client you may need to edit your post through Dreamwidth's edit entry link to do this. Setting the filter to "Age 18 or Over" means that only members over the age of 18 will be able to view the entry.

= To keep from viewing material that has been flagged as "Adult Content", you can customize your account settings. The following FAQs may be helpful:

What is "Adult Content"? How can I keep from seeing it?

How do I set Age Restriction Filters on my journal or entry?

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5 minute films, australian movies, cinema, drama, film festivals, flicks, foreign films, horror, independant movies, movies, quick flicks, romance, sci-fi, short films
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